Saturday, July 23, 2011

Simple Chocolate Ice Cream

Ice cream is so pricey in New York City that I decided to start making my own. When you pay upwards of six dollars for a half gallon of run of the mill ice cream, making your own starts to look more appealing. So, I bought an ice cream maker by Cuisinart and made my first batch on Friday morning using the recipe booklet included with my new favorite kitchen toy. And, yes, it tastes as good as it looks.

Simple Chocolate Ice Cream
- 1 cup cocoa powder
- 2/3 cup sugar
- 1/2 cup packed dark brown sugar
- 1 pinch salt
- 1 3/4 cups whole milk
- 3 3/4 cups heavy cream
- 1 TBSP vanilla extract

How To Make It
1) Ready your ice cream maker according to package instructions. Older units usually require rock salt and ice; modern ones tend to have double-walled bowls that must be placed in a freezer for 24-hours.
2) Place the cocoa and sugars in a medium mixing bowl; stir to combine.
3) Add the whole milk and use a hand mixer or immersion blender on low speed or whisk to combine until the cocoa and sugars are dissolved. Stir in the heavy cream and vanilla.Cover and refrigerate 1-2 hours, or overnight.
4) Turn your ice cream machine on; pour mixture into the machine let mix until thickened, typically 25 to 35 minutes with a modern ice cream maker (pay attention to your unit's instructions).
5) The ice cream will have a soft, creamy texture. If a firmer consistency is desired, transfer the ice cream to an airtight container and place in freezer for about 2 hours. Remove from freezer about 15 minutes before serving.

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