Sunday, June 12, 2011

Budding New Yorker

I've been working from home part time since last November. Recently, I was offered another work-from-home opportunity, took on the challenge, and found myself with later nights and significantly less free time. Mamahood plus two additional jobs? I'm finally a real New Yorker!!

I'm sure you've long since picked up the pieces and moved on with your lives... but I missed you! I missed my kitchen! There's been far too much eating things out of packages and my supply of leftovers is beginning to dwindle. That, and I've found that Gavin has entered the dreaded picky toddler eating phase. He only eats vegetables when they're cooked into tasty things like soup and curries. Smart boy. Looking forward to sharing good food with all of you!


  1. wow, busy mama indeed! what are these jobs and do you still have them both?

  2. I still have both jobs, but the hours are very ebb and flow. The past few weeks have been quite a time of "flow"!

    I'm a Recruitment Coordinator for a tech company in Jersey City and a PR company in Los Angeles... just contract/freelance style work, but it keeps the resume primed and doesn't push me into overload mode too often. They get in touch with me when they're hiring and I help them manage their application load, interview schedules, etc.