Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Broiled Asparagus

It's easy being green! Asparagus is in season come springtime, and it can become a quick side dish if you have a spare ten minutes.

- Desired quantity of asparagus stalks, woody ends cut or snapped off
- Extra virgin olive oil
- Kosher salt (You can use regular table salt of course, kosher salt has a bigger grain and adds a nice crunch.)
- Pepper, freshly ground

How To Cook It
1) Set your oven to Broil.
2) Place asparagus on a baking sheet or broiler tray in a single layer.
3) Lightly drizzle the asparagus with the extra virgin olive oil. Don't drown it! A little goes a long way.
4) Sprinkle salt and pepper on top of all to taste.
5) Broil for approximately 5 minutes until asparagus is cooked. Pierce with a fork to test; it should have some give, but not me mush.


  1. Thank you!! I was going to look for a recipe for the bunch I just got :) My husband loves asparagus and so I wanted to surprise him with it :D