Thursday, October 20, 2011

Occupy Your Oven: A Story Of The People's Cinnamon Bread And Kitchen Activism

I love being a stay at home mama! My son is almost two years old, and I'm in that phase of life where my daily schedule still revolves around Gavin's sleep. When he naps, we're home. A couple hours before bedtime, we're home.

So, when the Occupy Wall Street movement was born I was feeling somewhat limited. In my college days, I would have frequented Zuccotti Park when I wasn't in class. Activism with a toddler in tow-- a little more subtle in my case. I can't see taping a sign on my son; I'd rather wait until Gavin is old enough to decide to come with me (and bring his own sign) or stay home.

When you find a cause, there are ways to get involved. Even if you're not at the heart of it all, you can do anything from stuff envelopes, to make phone calls, to knit warm clothing, to deliver supplies.

In this case, I decided to add raisins to my Cinnamon Bread recipe and deliver four freshly baked loaves to the folks camped out in downtown NYC. To make your own Cinnamon Raisin Bread simply soak 1 cup raisins in water after you feed your starter, then drain, pat dry, and add to bread dough when mixing. If your dough is too wet as a result, add more flour until you reach your desired dough consistency. Go forth and feed the people who need feeding! I've come to call myself a kitchen activist. When I see a need, I cook, I bake, and I deliver. You can do the same! Get out there and feed your movement!!

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