Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Little Extra Sugar From Penzeys Spices

Have you ever looked at a quotation, took a step back from a painting, or listened to a song and realized that even though someone else had thought it up it was oh... so you. That happened to me today when I opened a box of spices I had ordered from Penzeys and found the nicely worded bumper sticker in the above photo.

We have a Penzeys in the market at Grand Central Station where I usually stop to get my herbs, spices, and miscellaneous seasonings, but my son Gavin has been sick so I placed an order online. Mmmmm... Vietnamese Cinnamon and Crystallized Ginger...

Now, being a city-dweller, I don't have a car to stick this piece of "Laura flair" upon, but you can rest assured that it's hanging by some decorative magnets on my 'fridge. And while Penzeys trademarked the phrase, it definitely resonates with this cook!

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